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3D Design (A Level)

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I really enjoy 3D design, as it’s a course that suits your style, so everyone’s work will be different. I also enjoyed the trips, particularly the London trip. We were given a lot of independence to look for things that interested us individually.

3D Design (A Level)  

  •  Assessment
  • Year 1
    100% coursework (through an externally set project)
  • Year 2
    100% coursework
  • Exam board
  • Specific entry requirements
    A minimum grade 4 in an Art related GCSE is required (this can include a 3D based Design Technology GCSE). Exceptions may be made for able students who can supply a portfolio of work at enrolment.



What Will You Learn?

If you’re a hands-on person, enjoy being creative and like the idea of exploring ideas through 2D drawings and with techniques using 3D media, materials and processes, then you will enjoy the 3D Design course. No prior 3D designing or making experience is needed, as all of the skills and techniques you will use are introduced on the course. This is a fantastic A Level if you want to pursue a future in one of the many Art and Design career routes, develop your art and design skills generally or if you want to add variety to their study programme by taking a more practical, hands on subject.


Year 1

Introductory Project – Through this you will develop your skills and understanding of the 3D design process, from research through to designing on paper and in 3D, producing a final outcome.

Component 1 – External Set Project - You will choose a theme set by the exam board and work through the design process, as taught in the Introductory Project.  This process will lead to a final piece done over 10 hours of supervised time.


Year 2

Component 1 – Personal Investigation -  You choose your own theme for this and will explore a style and topic suited to your skills and interests.  Alongside the practical project, you will produce a written study that will allow you to explore your topic in more depth.

Component 2 – External Set Project - You will choose a theme set by the exam board and work through the design process to explore this theme.  This process will lead to a final piece done over 15 hours of supervised time. 

Special Features

You will have the opportunity to enhance your learning through trips, including a department trip to art galleries in London, alongside galleries closer to home. Relevant offsite activities also take place to help facilitate collecting research for projects.

 We are frequently contacted by universities, employers and organisations offering a wide range of relevant opportunities and competitions, which will further add to your understanding and experience of what art and design can offer.

Where Will This Lead?

3D Design will help you develop creative skills, problem solving, as well as technical ability and attention to detail. Former students have continued their studies or launched careers in a wide range of art and design fields.  Specific 3D routes include product design, architecture, industrial design, interior design, crafts, jewellery design, furniture design and sculpture.