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Business Studies (A Level)

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I chose Business Studies as it opens so many pathways and  you learn such a wide variety of topics. After studying it for a year, I still enjoy it just as much as I did at the start.

Business Studies (A Level)  

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What Will You Learn?

Business Studies will teach you the theory behind successful businesses. This course will interest budding entrepreneurs, as you will develop a knowledge of how businesses are organised, structured and operated. You will examine real business situations, making use of a range of information sources and personal research.


Year 1

  • Theme 1 – Marketing and People: You will investigate how a business conducts market research to find out what customers want. You will analyse various ways that a business advertises and promotes itself to encourage people to buy its products and services. You will discover ways that a business recruits staff to ensure success and learn all the ways that a business motivates its staff to ensure maximum productivity.
  • Theme 2 – Managing Business Activities: You will learn how to construct and interpret financial documents, such as cash flow forecasts and budgets. You will investigate different sources of finance to help a business meet its objectives. You will study production methods, stock control, quality and capacity utilisation. You will also investigate external factors that can affect a business and how it operates, such as interest rates and exchange rates.

Year 2

  • Theme 3 – Business Decisions and Strategy: You will develop an understanding of techniques used by a business to help them to make decisions to aid them in meeting their objectives. You will investigate the benefits and problems of business growth, along with how a business can manage change.
  • Theme 4 – Global Business: This theme looks at many of the topics already studied, but on a global scale. This includes how a business may need to adapt its marketing strategy when operating in other countries and how a business can achieve growth by expanding internationally. You will explore a number of multinational corporations, such as McDonalds, Starbucks and Google.

Special Features

  • Educational visits have included Alton Towers, Jaguar Land Rover, Coca-Cola and residential visits to London and Barcelona.
  • Bring your own product idea to life and enter local and national competitions by taking part in Young Enterprise.


Where Will This Lead?

Business Studies students go on to study a range of degree courses at university, including Accounting, International business, Marketing, Banking and Law. There are also many business related apprenticeships, such as insurance, accounting, human resources and social media marketing.