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Extended Project Qualification

Extended Project Qualification  (A Level)  

  •  Assessment
  • Year 1
    100% Coursework
  • Exam board


What Will You Learn?

Sharpen your research skills in your area of interest in detail, then design a project around your findings and finally organise a way of completing it, this what the EPQ asks you to do. You will acquire project management skills, academic research skills, and effective approaches to independent study. Think big!

 The EPQ is an optional course studied in your second year of study.


  • Production log: an ongoing record of your progress through your project, your plans, reflections, research strategies and discoveries all go in here, you could call it your research diary.
  • Product: the outcome of your project and what you produce as the result of your research.
  • Presentation: gives you the chance to communicate the results of your project, how you managed to complete it and what your experience of taking part in the EPQ has been.

Special Features

The EPQ is unlike other A level subjects in that you are not ‘taught’ but supervised, and your supervisor will work with you to support and guide you through your project. The course is modelled on university style dissertation work, which means you are developing your academic research skills through academic writing and practical problem solving. You decide the format of your project outcome: an academic report, a scientific experiment, a performance, creative writing, piece of artwork or artefact. If you are applying for university, it looks great on your UCAS application.

Where Will This Lead?

Great preparation for higher study success.

Opportunity to specialise in your area of interest.