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Fine Art (A Level)

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I have chosen Fine Art as it is a great way to express yourself. All the tools and materials in the Art department are diverse and exciting, particularly as they weren’t accessible in secondary school.

Fine Art (A Level)  

  •  Assessment
  • Year 1
    100% coursework, 1 component
  • Year 2
    100% coursework, 2 components
  • Exam board
  • Specific entry requirements
    A minimum grade 4 in an Art subject at GCSE is required. Exceptions may be made for able students who can supply a portfolio of work at enrolment.


What Will You Learn?

You will develop skills in Fine Art through projects that encourage you to investigate, create and discuss ways of working. You will undertake primary and secondary research, drawing, sketching and painting, using digital software, developing ideas, reviewing and refining in order to create coherent final outcomes. This process will enable you to express yourself and also develop your appreciation of the work of others.


Year 1

Introductory Project

You will produce practical work (drawing and painting), based on themes such as natural forms, architecture and portraits. You will develop ideas, explore a range of media and techniques and look at artists to help you inform your work.

Component 1: Externally Set Task

Spring Term

You will choose one of five questions to be used as starting points and develop your work building on skills learnt in the introductory project. You will have 10 hours supervised time to produce a final outcome. This component is worth 100% of your first year grade.

Year 2

Component 1: Portfolio

This is a personal investigation component, which consists of coursework and is worth 60% of the A level grade. After researching artists, you will produce practical work, through drawing and painting, leading to a final outcome. It must be supported by written work of between 1000 and 3000 words.

Component 2: Externally Set Task

This is a component which is set by the exam board and it is worth 40% of the overall A level grade. You will have a choice of eight questions and choose one as a starting point. You will again develop your ideas through drawing and painting, leading to a final outcome. You will have 15 hours of supervised time to complete your final piece.

Special Features

  • You will have the opportunity to extend your learning through art trips, including our visits to London, Manchester and Liverpool.
  • We welcome visiting artists and past students presenting portfolios of work and discussing their creative journeys.
  • There are opportunities to exhibit online with some of the major galleries, such as SaatchiArt.com and to experience live briefs which the creative industries offer.

Where Will This Lead?

Fine Art is a highly regarded subject by all employers and universities. The Fine Art A Level helps you develop your creative skills and attention to detail and is ideal for careers and HE courses in all areas of design, cultural studies, media, architecture and engineering.