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Further Mathematics (A Level)

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There are a lot of everyday things which use maths.

Further Mathematics (A Level)  

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  • Year 1 & 2
    100% Exam
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  • Specific entry requirements
    Grade 7 in GCSE Maths.


What Will You Learn?

If you are a strong and enthusiastic mathematician, then Further Maths is the course for you. Further Mathematics explores the topics introduced in A Level Mathematics to a greater depth and introduces brand new topics that do not follow on from GCSE Maths. As with A Level Mathematics, you will study topics in three areas: pure maths, mechanics and statistics. As well as deepening your mathematical knowledge, the topics you study will introduce you to mathematics as it is applied to Physics, Computer Graphics and the Statistical Sciences.

Further Mathematics must be studied alongside A level Mathematics and so half your timetable will be taken up with Maths lessons. You will have two Maths classes, two sets of Maths homework and two sets of Maths exams.

Please be aware that you will need to study Maths alongside Further Maths.


  • Pure Mathematics: Complex numbers, matrices, vectors, polynomials, graphs, series, hyperbolic functions, further calculus, differential equations.
  • Mechanics: Energy, elasticity, circular motion, collisions, centre of mass, simple harmonic motion.
  • Statistics: Discrete and continuous random variables, the poisson distribution, contingency tables, confidence intervals, hypothesis testing.

Special Features

Trips are run each year to the Maths Inspiration Lectures and the problem solving events run in partnership with Manchester University. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to take part in the Senior Maths Challenge and the Senior Maths Team Challenge.

Where Will This Lead?

Further Mathematics will prepare you for studying Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science at university, and will open up careers in accountancy, engineering, finance and actuarial science.