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History (A Level)

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The trip to Berlin and Krakow in Poland was amazing! It was one of the best experiences I've ever had as part of my education.

History  (A Level)  

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  • Year 1
    100% Exam
  • Year 2
    80% Exam; 20% Coursework
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What Will You Learn?

You will discover the past. You’ll also gain a deep knowledge of society, culture, economics and politics; master the valuable skill of persuasive, evidence based arguments in both class debate and written work; become a creative, independent thinker and learn how and why to question the world around you. You will also learn to appreciate that people in the past were not simply ‘good’ or ‘bad’, but motivated in complex and inconsistent ways; just like people today, just like you.



  • Paper 1: Britain, 1625-1701 Conflict, revolution and settlement

One of the most turbulent eras of Britain’s past. Learn about fascinating economic and social change, religious tension, civil war and bloody revolution. How did a powerful Stuart King, convinced he was destined for power through the will of God, end up getting his head chopped off?

  • Paper 2: Russia in Revolution, 1894-1924

Explore the captivating story of how the biggest country in the world went through three revolutions - one in 1905 and two in 1917 - transforming from a feudal society ruled by an all-powerful Tsar into the world’s first totalitarian, communist state.


  • Paper 3: Civil Rights and Race Relations in the USA 1850-2009

Discover the long history of the ongoing struggle of black Americans in the USA, from the end of slavery all the way to the present day. You will understand the complexity of race relations between black and white Americans, both in terms of civil rights and also broader social and cultural changes.

  • Coursework: Did the Nazi regime have the support of the German people or were they terrorised into submission?

How do you measure popularity in a state where there are no elections, no opinion polls and no freedom of speech? You’ll find out. This unit explores the great historical debate about one of the most infamous regimes of the 20th Century: Hitler’s Nazi state.

Year 2 also includes more challenging versions of Papers 1 & 2.

Special Features

  • You’ll have the opportunity to enhance your learning through trips, including our popular trip to Berlin and Krakow, in addition to guest lectures from experts in their field.
  • Stand out and reveal knowledge beyond the exam specification with challenging extension workshops.
  • Guest speakers from universities.
  • If you’re ever stuck, you can access extra support through workshops.
  • Enhance your independent research skills with our Extended Project Qualification Xtra.
  • If you are considering a future in teaching, we have a Pre-Teaching Course, which will help kick-start your career.

Where Will This Lead?

History is a highly regarded subject by all employers and universities. Popular careers for those with History A-Level include law, journalism, academia, writing, politics, banking, museums, education, archaeology and the Civil Service. History is valued not only because it is a challenging course, but because it helps you develop key skills including critical evaluation, evidence based argument, research, organisation and communication skills. These skills are prized by Russell Group universities as well as Oxford and Cambridge.