Oldham Sixth Form College


Music Performance (Blended)

Music Performance (Blended)

  •  Assessment
  • Year 1 & 2
     100% coursework (40% internally assessed, 60% externally assessed)
  • Exam board
    Pearson (BTEC National Certificate, equivalent to one AS Level, in first year leading to Extended Certificate, equivalent to to one full A Level, in second year)
  • Specific entry requirements
    Students should be playing an instrument, or singing, on a regular basis to a good level and be willing to perform in front of others. If voice is your main instrument then you will need some ability on guitar, piano and/or music theory. We do not demand GCSE Music, BTEC Level 2 Music, or instrument graded exams for entry, although they are useful.


What Will You Learn?

You will develop your ability to create, arrange and perform music with other musicians in a range of popular styles. It also includes a unit on the music industry with a focus on live event planning. There is a strong focus on working in collaboration with other musicians and performers.


Year 1

  • Session Styles:

In this unit you will develop your ability to play in a range of modern genres and styles such as pop, rock, soul, dance, rap and jazz. You will learn about the musical features of each style, practice a selection of them on your own instrument, and then perform. You will also produce a presentation on different musical styles and genres.

  • Ensemble Music Performance:

You will work in a group with other members of your class to reinterpret three songs in different styles to the originals. You will be assessed in rehearsals, final performance and also through a presentation and written analysis of what you have done to rework each song.

Year 2:

  • Practical Music Theory & Harmony:

This unit focuses on the music theory that underpins popular music and which will enable you to develop further as a musician on your own instrument. You will develop your working knowledge and understanding of different forms of notation as well as scales, melodies, chords, harmony and rhythm. The unit focuses on the practical application of music theory rather than a textbook based approach.

  • Professional Practice in the Music Industry:

You will learn about how to put on gigs, events and promote your act in a professional manner in this unit. The best way to progress in the music industry these days is to do it yourself - this unit will show you how to do that. Although the music industry appears very glamorous and fun, behind the scenes it is run by people who are extremely professional and serious about what they do.

Special Features

  • You will be taught by an experienced professional musician who has had a top 10 album and extensive touring experience, including playing Glastonbury and other top festivals.
  • You will have the opportunity to perform in the College Production and a range of other college events, as well as pop-up performances around college on our mobile PA.
  • Extensive range of good quality musical instruments and equipment within the department, with well equipped practice rooms that can be booked for use outside of lesson time.
  • Trips to recording studios and venues, along with visiting speakers from the music industry.
  • Every music student gets an education account with Soundtrap and Flat recording and notation cloud based software which run on your college Chromebooks.
  • Full class set of iPads with Garageband and other music making apps.

Where Will This Lead?

The music industry makes a vast contribution to the UK economy and continues to grow, this course will prepare you for the study of music at university and a career in this exciting and thriving industry. As well as working as performers on stages and in studios, many musicians also find work producing music for film and media, or in technical roles such as sound engineers. Even if you do not wish to pursue music as a career, the course will give you a wealth of musical experience and transferable skills which are useful and enriching in all aspects of your life.