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Physical Education (A Level)

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I enjoy A Level PE as it is a very engaging and enjoyable course that requires hard work but is made easier through the great teaching. 

Physical Education (A Level)  

  •  Assessment
  • Year 1 & 2
    70% Exam; 30% Coursework
  • Exam board
  • Specific entry requirements
    You will need to be currently competing in either a team or individual sport, and continuing this during your time at college.


What Will You Learn?

Have you ever wondered how your sports gear affects how fast you can sprint? Do you know how your personality traits affect the quality of your performance and strategies you could employ to ensure you are performing at your peak? Are you aware of how society has shaped the sport you love to compete in? Do you know what you should be eating to get the best out of your workouts? If you are passionate about playing and competing in your sport, Physical Education is for you. 


  • Unit 1: Physiological Factors Affecting Performance. This unit focuses on developing your knowledge of the science behind physical activity. Application of this theoretical knowledge will enable you to understand how changes in your physiological states can influence your performance in physical activities and sport. The biomechanics section will allow you to develop your knowledge and understanding of forces enabling you to effectively analyse the more technical aspects of performance.  
  • Unit 2: Psychological Factors Affecting Performance. This unit explores a variety of models and theories that affect learning and performance in physical activities. You will learn how to provide guidance and feedback in constructive ways that are suited to an individual’s personality. 
  • Unit 3: Socio-cultural Issues in Physical Activity and Sport. This unit focuses on the sociological and contemporary issues that influence and affect physical activity and sport for both the audience and the performer. It includes the emergence and evolution of modern sport, the impact of the modern Olympic Games and the impact of ever-evolving modern technology. 
  • Unit 4: Practical Performances. This coursework unit will assess your ability to perform a range of both core and advanced skills of one activity taken from the approved list. You can be assessed in the role of performer or coach. 
  • Unit 5: Evaluating and Analysing Performance for Improvement. This unit draws upon the knowledge, understanding and skills you will develop throughout the course and enables you to analyse and evaluate a peer’s performance in one activity. 

Special Features

  • Enhance your performance by participating in the College’s sports enrichment programme. 
  • If you wish to pursue a career in the medical profession, our First Aid Course will compliment your study of the human body's systems.  
  • You will also have the opportunity to enhance your learning through trips, including visits to university laboratories and sports stadia.

Where Will This Lead?

A Level PE enables you to apply for Higher Education courses in Sports Science, Sports Management, Healthcare, or Exercise and Health. A Level PE can open up a range of career opportunities including: sports development, sports coaching, physiotherapy, sports journalism, personal training or becoming one of the next generation of PE teachers. The transferable skills you learn, such as communication, analysis, evaluation, application and independent thinking, are useful in any career path you choose. Achieving an A Level in Physical Education will demonstrate to employers and universities that you are able to effectively balance your studies alongside your pursuit of excellence in the performance of your chosen sport.