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Politics (A Level)

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Choosing Politics has allowed me to really understand the variety of ways democracy works within our country.

Politics  (A Level)  

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What Will You Learn?

Politics is the study of power, who has it and why and how it affects us all!  On the course, you will explore the mechanics of British politics, whilst also focusing on the strengths and weaknesses of our political system. You will look at who has the power and authority to make significant political decisions, which have an impact on every person, such as Brexit and climate change. You will also consider how we all participate within our democratic system from voting to joining parties and pressure groups. You will study political ideologies in depth, focusing on liberalism, socialism, conservatism and feminism and their very different perceptions on the state, the economy, freedom and the individual.

Additionally, you will study the politics of the USA, considering the US system of government and comparing it to the UK system in terms of power and decision making, looking in detail at elections and presidents such as Obama, Trump and Biden. You will look to create careful and considered arguments concerning decision-making.  You will develop the ability to interpret political information and hone your analytical skills by evaluating political knowledge. If you want to focus on political events in the UK and the USA and the ideologies that underpin them, this is the course for you. No prior detailed knowledge is required, just a keen interest in politics.


  • Unit 1: UK Politics and Core Political Ideas Democracy and Participation – focussing on: political parties, electoral systems, voting behaviour and the media. Core Political Ideas:  conservatism, liberalism, socialism.
  • Unit 2: UK Government – focussing on: the constitution, parliament, the Prime Minister and executive, relationships between the branches. 2. Non-core political ideas: feminism
  • Unit 3 : Comparative Politics: The Politics of the USA and a comparison with the UK.

Special Features


  • We organise regular visits from national political figures for Q/A sessions. In the recent past, we have welcomed our local MPs Jim McMahon and Debbie Abrahams, the elected mayor of Greater Manchester Andy Burnham, the leader and deputy leader of the Labour Party, Keir Starmer and Angela Rayner and also Conservative ex Cabinet ministers James Cleverly and Edwina Currie.
  • Every summer, students are given the opportunity to apply for Debbie Abrahams' summer school, which takes them to Westminster.

Where Will This Lead?

Politics will help you develop your critical thinking skills and teach you to construct and communicate clear arguments. Politics could lead to HE courses and careers in law, education, the police and the Civil Service.

Students have gone on to study: Law, International Relations, Policing and Criminal Investigation, History and Politics and Contemporary History and Politics.