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Statistics (A Level)

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Statistics is an interesting subject that can be applied to many fields. I chose it because it allows me to understand how mathematics and data can be used for every day applications.

Statistics (A Level)  

  •  Assessment
  • Year 1 & 2
    100% exam (3 papers)
  • Exam board
  • Specific entry requirements
    Grade 5 in GCSE Maths.


What Will You Learn?

If you are a numerate student and enjoy working with mathematical formulae which produce a useful result, then you should consider joining the A Level Statistics course. Graphical calculators are used to work out answers relating to data and probability and it is also important to explain the meaning of what has been found. You’ll study a selection of probability distributions, the collection of data and various hypothesis tests.  You’ll find Statistics very useful if you wish to pursue university and career routes that require the ability to work with and interpret numerical and statistical data.


 Over the two years you will learn:

1 – Numerical Measures, Graphs and Diagrams

2 – Probability

3 – Population and Samples

4 – Introduction to Probability Distributions

5 – Binomial Distribution

6 – Normal Distribution

7 – Correlation and Linear Regression

8 – Introduction to Hypothesis Testing

9 – Contingency Tables

10 – One and Two Sample Non-parametric Tests

11 – Bayes’ theorem

12 – Probability Distributions

13 – Experimental Design

14 – Sampling, Estimates and Resampling

15 – Hypothesis Testing, Significance Testing, Confidence Intervals and Power

16 – Hypothesis Testing for 1 and 2 Samples

17 – Paired Tests

18 – Exponential and Poisson Distributions

19 – Goodness of Fit

20 – Analysis of Variance

21 – Effect Size

Statistical Enquiry Cycle (SEC)

Special Features

You will constantly participate in group work and individual projects investigating data to develop a better understanding of how this is done in real businesses.

Where Will This Lead?

A lot of pupils that study A Level Statistics go on to study Maths or Science based subjects at university.