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In The Know

Being a successful sixth form college student requires you to be an independent learner and we encourage our students to allocate an additional four hours of independent study per week for each subject they do. How this time is spent is important and, through our Tutorial Programme, we inform students of the most effective ways of studying. The methods we promote through tutorial are evidenced-based strategies that we want you to use on a regular basis to support your learning and help you achieve your potential.

A key tool we use to help students reflect on their current study habits is the 'Effective Studying Checklist'. For studying to be effective, study should include Content, Skills and Feedback activities. Content activities help consolidate your understanding of topics, Skills activities help you check your understanding and Feedback activities help you check what you know and what you need to look at again. The checklist helps students identify if they do all three types of activities and provides some simple, easy to use ideas for each one. 

Getting into effective independent study habits is a key factor in being a successful student at Oldham Sixth Form College. To support this, the College also provides Study Areas with access to PC's and laptops so that students can use their Study Periods effectively. We also have a specialised study area, The Know.


The Know is an exciting university style integrated learning environment located over two floors, housing books, PCs, a wide variety of open access study facilities and a comprehensive range of digital services.

The Know also offers an up to date book stock, covering all aspects of the courses you will be studying and a variety of other resources which will enable you to research any topic. WiFi access, laptops, and digital resources are also available.

A team of highly qualified and experienced staff are on hand to give you expert help and advice.

Soon after you arrive, you will have an induction into The Know which will explain procedures and show you how best to benefit from your time in College. You can also register to become a member of Oldham Libraries here in the Know.

The Know opening hours are subject to change and will vary during holiday periods, please check with The Know staff for exact times.

The Know Team



The Know Opening Hours

Monday – Thursday: 08:00 – 17:00

Friday: 08:00 – 16:30