Oldham Sixth Form College


Sustainability Statement

Sustainability Statement

We are committed to sustainable actions and our reduction in Carbon Dioxide.

Our Sustainability Action Group works with the whole college community to reduce our environmental impact, contributing also to the Pinnacle Learning Trust’s sustainable goals and doing our bit to save the planet.

Our sustainable actions so far to reduce our carbon footprint:

  • Issue all students with a Chromebook or laptop to reduce paper
  • Gradually replacing our lighting with LED
  • Promote our Cycle to Work scheme
  • Encourage car share opportunities
  • Introduce compostable packaging in our food outlets and reduce plastic packaging
  • Paper cups and water fountains are used
  • Plant trees in the college grounds and protect green spaces
  • Encourage recycling (mobile phones, batteries, pens, paper production, bottles, packaging)
  • ‘Switch off’ campaign to reduce energy.
  • Solar energy
  • We have calculated our carbon footprint across scope 1, 2 and 3
  • We are signed up to the Race to Zero campaign, committing to net zero by 2040
  • We deliver Carbon Literacy training to staff and students to sustain the changes in our behaviours

Future commitments include:

  • Onsite composting
  • Electric vehicle provision
  • Increase solar energy provision
  • Rainwater capture
  • Investing in energy management software which would help us micro-manage energy consumption and energy usage
  • Synergising thinking and practices on sustainability across the whole of The Pinnacle Learning Trust



net zero plan at osfc.pdf